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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Undergoing a Home Addition

Home additions are an excellent way to create more interior space and spruce up your house simultaneously. However, it is a significant construction undertaking that may cost you a lot of time, money, and convenience. To help you make a smart decision, we at Up North Builders, a trusted general contractor in International Fall, MN, share some of the questions you should ask yourself before proceeding with the project.

General Contractor Lists 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Home Addition

1. Will It Add Value to Your Home?

Your goal should not only be to expand or add functionality, but also to enhance your property and make it more valuable. That way, it will pay for itself — at least partially — in the long run. A bathroom addition, for example, can cost you $25,000 but get you up to 67% in return. A new sunroom, meanwhile, costs an average of about $73,000 and can fetch you up to 47% of this amount in value.

2. How Much Do You Want to Spend?

This is probably something that most people already ask themselves right from the onset. However, once the project begins and they are shown higher-quality materials and more features, some homeowners tend to get blinded and lose track of their initial budget. Talk to your general contractor, explain exactly what you want, set a spending limit, and stick to it. If you need to make adjustments, try to find ways you can do so without going over.

3. Are There Building Restrictions You Have to Consider?

There will always be building restrictions. The real question is what they are, since they may differ depending on the state or municipality. The best way to ensure that you’re not breaking any local building law is to hire professional home remodeling specialists who would be familiar with all of the regulations in their service area and can process all of the paperwork for you.

4. Should You Choose to Build Up or Down?

There are pros and cons to both. Building down tends to be easier, as there is less disruption to your existing space. Building up, on the other hand, can save you money, as it won’t require excavation or foundation work. However, you will need the help of an architect if you were to build up since you risk compromising your home’s structural integrity if the job is done shabbily. Your location, the type of house you have, and other factors may also affect this decision.

There are several projects you can take on to improve your home whether it be for your enjoyment or in preparation for putting your home on the market. If you need a general contractor to help you add a new room or feature to your home, we are here to help. Our company has been providing efficient and reliable excavation, demolition, and residential and commercial construction services for over 35 years. Give us a call at (218) 285-3635 send us a message online.